ManageBac is an educational management system that tracks your child’s progress throughout the schooling process.

It is specifically designed for the IB system.OurPlanet International School Muscat is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering Primary Years Programme (PYP). Access to ManageBac shall be provided if your child is already enrolled with us.

You can find the ManageBac login page here.  If you are a new parent you can find more information about how to use ManageBac here or download the Parent Guide here.

Please use the link given above to access ManageBac from your mobile phone device instead of downloading the application.


Accessing Your Account

Signing In

After receiving your welcome e-mail and setting your password, you can log in to your ManageBac account at your school’s address (e.g.
Note: Welcome e-mail links are only valid for 24 hours. If your receive a message that the link has expired, please contact your advisor or an administrator at your school directly. On the login screen, you will see the following fields:

Log in with your e-mail address and the password you’ve set. If you are using Single-Sign On, you may login in with the appropriate Google or Office 365 account.

Note: For security purposes, you may choose to remain logged in for a maximum of 30 days, after which you will be automatically logged out. If you wish to disable this option, you may doso under Settings > Access Permissions & Security.

Resetting Your Password

If you are unable to log in but do have an account, click “Forgot your password?” and enter your e-mail address to reset.

Note: If you are not receiving welcome e-mails or password reset notifications, make sure to check your spam folder. If the problem persists, check with your coordinator to ensure you have been added to the system with the correct e-mail address.

Creating your password

Think, “pass phrase” instead of password. The combination of four simple but random words will be much stronger than a password with many complex characters and symbols.
Strong password and easy to remember (Perfect!): Sarah Battery Staple Yeah
Strong password but hard to remember (Not bad): S8r89H18!
Weak password (Not Good): Sarah18!
The password will not save until you see a green box. Click here for help setting up a password.

Your Profile

Click Your Name at the top of the page to change your e-mail and password.

Updating Your E-mail, Password, & Contact Information Via Your Name
Once you have logged in successfully, you can update your personal details by clicking on your name.

Via Your Profile

Click Change Password to update your ManageBac login password. The password will not save until you see a green box, we recommend using a pass phrase, which is the combination of four simple but random words (e.g. Horse battery staple yea!). Click here for help setting up a password.

(Changing your language might be useful too)

Switching Between Children
Via the Select Child Tab

If you have more than one child registered on ManageBac, you can choose which one to view by clicking on the your child’s name under the Menu. Once you choose a child, his or her upcoming school dates and assignments, as well as past report cards and academic progress, will become available to you.

Navigating ManageBac

Select your child’s name from the top of the Menu.This allows you to select which child you wish to view if you have more than one child registered on ManageBac. Once you have selected a child, you will see an overview of recent and upcoming activities.

Submitting an Attendance ExcusalVia the Attendance tab

Submitting an Attendance ExcusalVia the Attendance tab


The Attendance tab shows the attendance information for your child and details how many absences he or she has.



The Messages tab shows the messages written by teachers and students in each of your child’s classes. Parents can view messages and file attachments but are unable to add comments orpost messages here.


If your school is using ManageBac for reports, click on the Reports tab to obtain a PDF export of your child’s report card.Viewing Your Child’s Calendar (MYP students)

Via the Calendar Tab

Click on the Calendar tab. Make sure you have selected which child to view if you have more than one child registered to ManageBac (see Switching Between Children for more detail). The Calendar will show your child’s upcoming due dates in calendar form. You can switch between a Month and Week view depending on how much detail you wish to see.

Viewing Your Child's Report Card
Via the Reports Tab

Select the appropriate child from the top of the page (if you have more than one student registered on ManageBac). Select the Reports tab from the sidebar on the left-hand side. Here you can see your child’s Term Reports and Progress Reports. You can click on each report to view and download it as a PDF file, as well as print it.

IB Parents Association

MessagesParents can view class messages via the Messages tab. Parents of PYP Students can be notified via email of new Messages if enabled by the teacher. This functionality does not exist for DP and MYP parents.